Metropolitan Museum of Art History

Known to locals as the Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City's biggest museums. With over two million pieces of art displayed in this museum, it is no wonder that more than five million people visit this museum every year. The museum was established in 1870 by American citizens who wanted to use the museum to not only preserve art to but educate the American people about art from around the world. The museum opened to guests in February of 1872 and has been a staple of New York City since.

The first president of the museum was John Taylor Johnston. Johnston was a railroad employee whose personal art collection was spread throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was not long after the museum was established that there was a need to expand in order to house all of the works of art. Originally the museum was located at 681 Fifth Avenue, but over the years has gone through a move and has expanded to the areas surrounding Central Park. With over two million square feet, the Metropolitan Museum as of 2010 was over


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